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Pride - Unlocks The Doors Of Destruction!

Pride is a feeling that someone has when they are delighted by their own achievements. And I am here to tell you that pride is not something that is good to have. Often, we are delighted by our achievements a little too much that we take all the credit for ourselves that we forget to give thanks to the Lord who has helped us to achieve those things. The bible clearly says that there will surely be destruction to those who delights in their pride. When times of trouble, some of us refuse to turn to God and wish to get through it by ourselves and that is also a form of pride.

“But he gives all the more grace; therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”

‭‭James‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭NRSV‬‬

As we take a look at James chapter 4 verse 6, it says that God is capable of giving us wonderful grace more and more each time. His grace is sufficient for us and all we have to do is to trust Him and His timing. Many of us are blessed enough to receive His grace and mercy abundantly in our lives, but we do not thank Him enough for all the good things that He has done for us. Instead, many of us take pride in it. The verse then continues as ‘God opposes the proud’. There are times that we go against God’s will and try to set up everything by ourselves in our life and that is an act of pride. It's like we are trying to be the God of our own life. This shows that we have so much ego in ourselves till we are at the extent of thinking that we no longer need God in our lives. Having this sense of pride will never end in a good way. It is a gateway that leads us to destruction. We also have to keep in mind that we can never obtain God’s grace by having pride. This is because God has clearly stated that He would grant grace only for those who are humble and submit themselves to the Almighty. We have sinned and gone against God’s will in many parts of our lives, but He still forgives us and grants us His eternal grace and that is more than enough for us to realize how much our God loves us. So, the next time you try to go against God’s will and take all the credits for yourselves for making it through, just bear in mind that you are losing God’s everlasting grace when you do that and it will lead you into destruction.

“The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭8:13‬ ‭NRSV‬‬

Fear is something good to have. When you fear the Lord, you will start hating sin. When you obey and follow God’s commandment, you will know what is right and wrong and you will surely hate whatever that drifts you away from the Lord’s presence. In this case, pride and arrogance is also something that God hates and we have to stay away from it. God cast Satan from heaven because he had too much pride. Satan wanted to take over God’s place. His proud intentions did not end up very well as he fell from Heaven. This is why we should always be aware when we are going against the will of the Lord because we might feel the temporary happiness that it brings, but the destruction side of it is painful and eternal.

No matter how high you start achieving, never let pride take over your heart as it could destroy everything within seconds. Never think that you have done it all by your own strength because it is never true. Each and every step that you take is planned by the Almighty and not even a single hair strand of yours would fall if God did not allow it to. So, keep your pride aside and start praising the Lord for everything that He has done and how far He has brought you.

Pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes. -John Ruskin-

Prayer To Overcome Pride

Father, I look to You in humility because I can’t walk this out without Your help. Never let me be convinced that my fortresses are my strengths.You’re my strength and my security.You’ll destroy the things we place our faith in, so let us walk in humility and reliance upon You. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus.

It is so by Faith and by Faith so it is. AMEN❣


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