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HerFaithStory aims to be a safe and brave space for our reader to reflect with us through our writings. We believe that some of our life experiences could be something that you could relate with (or maybe not!). We want this to be a space where we can collectively agree and disagree with respect, speak our mind and heart without any fear of judgement and raise questions to which we might not have an answer, perhaps we could ponder with you. Read and reflect with us!

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The Roots

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.

Isaiah 55:8 NIV

This verse is the foundation of HFS. It is truly a testimony that I am glad I could share here.

Before HFS, I used to write content about serious issues faced by women like sexual abuse and other social matters. Though it's an important subject to focus on, I wasn't really content with such writings for various personal reasons.

It all began, when I surrendered myself to Christ. He revealed to me how important it is to help people experience the love of God and to share real-life faith stories. HFS sprouted through a revelation!

I started writing as the Lord led me and shared it through social media.

The Word of God had reached many hearts and had transformed their lives.

HFS is now a humble beginning in a larger platform. The writings are based on the testimonies and lessons that we have experienced in our lives and I firmly believe that this platform has the power to give hope and heal hearts. We hope to see God's amazing work to be manifested through HFS.

We would love to have you as a part of our HFS family and experience spiritual growth together with us in Christ.

God Bless You❣

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